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Opening Door for Visitors
Parents, although we appreciate your cordially opening the doors for our visitors while you wait in our vestibule., please refrain from opening the doors unless the front office buses our visitors in.

Visitor Parking
Parents and Visitors, we now have visitor parking available for our patrons in the front of the school, located on the right side of the building.

The 2022-2023 School Year Lottery application is now available online at https://yesprep.schoolmint.net/welcomeback

If you have any questions regarding the Lottery Application process, you can contact our Lottery coordinator via email at Ana.Palomares@yesprep.org or via phone at 713-924-0500.

Attendance Policy
Parents, to ensure your student's absences are marked as Excused, please submit a written note or email to our attendance clerk Ms. Palomares ana.palomares@yesprep.org. Please remember to include the following in your note:

  • Student Name
  • Student Grade Level
  • Parent Name
  • A brief explanation of why the student was absent.

We appreciate it when parents communicate this information via phone; however, we require documentation in writing. Thank you so much for being so supportive!

Student Pick up cut off time 
Parents and guardians, if you are picking up your student early from school, the cut-off time is 3:15 p.m. Our goal is to provide our families with the best customer service and avoid interruptions as our staff prepares for dismal times.

12th-grade student Lunch drop off
Only 12th-grade students have the privilege of ordering food or having food delivered to campus by the parent on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Our staff is not responsible for any missed deliveries or missing items that are delivered to the students.

If your student IS NOT a 12th-grade student, please do not bring or order delivery for your 6th-11th grade student, as the Front office staff will not accept it.

Need your address changed?
In order for address change request to be processed by the front office, please ensure you bring the following proof:

  • Light Bill
  • Gas Bill
  • Water Bill
  • Contract Lease ( if you live in apartments)




  • Parents, please remember that students may not wear short shorts and also cannot wear jeans with holes/fake holes/rips/tears/frays. Students must adhere to the student dress code and wear ID's around neck at all times. 
  • The school day starts at 8:30am Monday - Friday. Students must be in class ready to work by 8:30am every day. We are still having many students arrive after 8:30am. This is shortening their instruction times. Please be sure to have your students here on time. 
  • Students should bring their laptop and charger every day. 

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