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    Attention YES Prep families!

Let us know your child will be returning to YES Prep next school year by filling out the Intent to Return Survey! Log on to Skyward to fill out the survey.

           Please make sure to submit the survey no later than Friday, February 3.

      You submitting this survey helps us effectively plan to serve the students, families and communities of YES Prep and secures your child's seat for the 2023-2024 school year.



Daily Attendance:

Daily attendance is critical for student learning and socialization. Research shows that students who are chronically absent- missing 10% or more of school days due to absence for any reason (excused, unexcused, suspensions) - can lead to difficulty learning to read by the 3rd grade, achieving academically in middle school, and graduating from high school. We know that you care deeply about your child’s academic and social well-being and the best place for them to learn and grow is at school. Every day your child is absent, they fall behind in their classes and it requires work to catch up. They also miss out on all the opportunities to enjoy school with their peers and their teachers. 

If you or your child are struggling with being at school, we can help. Click here to learn how.


NG Coding on Report Cards for 18+ Unexcused Absences

On report cards of students in grades 9-12 on Jan. 6, there may be a new notation "NG" that hides a student's grade due to having 18 or more unexcused absences in that course. Students who receive NG grades may not be failing the course; instead, they failed to meet expanded state attendance requirements, so they will not receive a grade until that course is recovered. HB 5, an updated regulation passed by the Texas Legislature, outlines standards for promotion and graduation to include attendance.

The school considers students who miss more than 10% of class time as "excessive, unexcused absences" by the school. Although YES Prep will assign and record grades, they will not be awarded to students who have excessive absences until the student recovers the missing seat time.

The student may correct this issue by repeating the course, attending credit recovery, or completing attendance recovery. The campus attendance committee can also be contacted in cases where extenuating circumstances exist. More information on enrolling in credit recovery or attendance recovery will be released in February. If parents or guardians have any questions regarding attendance recovery in the Spring, they may contact the campus Director of Student Support (DSS).


Student Charger Policy Reminder:

Due to a rise in lost chargers, YP White Oak Secondary has created a new policy regarding chargers. This new policy will help students easily identify and keep track of their charger. Parents, please make sure that your students are following this policy.




Student Assistance Form:

We know that you may have some needs that arise as a parent, guardian, or student. You can receive direct help by submitting a “Student Assistance Form” or, a SAF. To communicate any support needs you may have, please click on the SAF link on the district website. A campus Student Support Counselor will follow-up with you to determine the best way to get your need met. SAFs can be submitted for: 

  • Urgent family concerns 
  • Family or student supplies or resources needed for school (i.e. uniforms, calculator, books, food) 
  • Student social and emotional concerns 
  • Student home or family concerns 
  • Student relationship concerns 
  • Concerns about harassment, race, or equity

Looking to support our Owls on their game days?
See Girls & Boys Basketball Games Schedule below.

Boys Varsity Basketball Schedule:

Girls Varsity Basketball Schedule:



Parent Volunteers:

Parents, YES Prep White Oak is tremendously appreciative of all the support you provide our school and students.

White Oak is asking for your assistance to continue monitoring the restrooms. This consists of opening and closing restrooms at their set times, ensure student are signing in before going in the restroom, and allowing only 3 students in at a time.

If you would like to volunteer, please fill out survey below to complete a background check. There is a turnaround time of 2-3 days, so please fill out with enough time for the screening, prior to date you would like to be on campus.

For English:                                                                                                                Para Espanol:




  • Family Notes

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